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Sam Keck Scott


Sam Keck Scott is a writer and biologist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Sam’s stories have won the John Gardner Memorial Prize in Fiction, been a finalist in the Machigonne Story Contest, earned honorable mention in Glimmer Train, and have been published in Harpur Palate, The Earth First! Journal, and The New Guard Literary Review. Sam was a 2016 Madge L. Evans Fellow at the Writing By Writers Conference in Marshall, California. Sam’s novel-in-progress, Turning the Bones, was a top-ten finalist in the Columbus Creative Cooperative’s Great Novel Contest 2015. Sam is currently blogging for National Geographic about a sailing trip he is taking throughout Indonesia on a 108-year-old ship, all in the name of conservation. Read his blog here: https://blog.nationalgeographic.org/author/sscott/

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